Ponding Basins


Ponding basins are located throughout the community. They hold stormwater during the rain season, hold river water during the summer to help replenish the groundwater supply, and some are even used as parks. No matter the season, PONDING BASINS ARE NOT FOR SWIMMING. Here are some facts related to ponding basins:

  • The primary job of ponding basins is the capture of stormwater to prevent flooding. A secondary job is storage of water for percolation down through the soil to replenish our groundwater supply (our main source of drinking water). Some basins are used for recreation during the dry season.

· Basin side slopes are steep so they’re hard to climb up, particularly when they are wet, and the water is murky which makes it hard to see what is on the bottom of the basin.

· Water flows to ponding basins through gutters.

· Basin parks are open for play during the dry season. During the rain season (usually October-April) they are locked because they are used to hold stormwater.

· Basin parks should only be entered when the gates are open, signaling that they are safe for public use. If the lock is cut, do not enter the basin and call the District at 456-3292 to let them know the basin is open.


Preventing Ponding Basin-related Accidents

  • There is no substitute for supervision by a responsible adult.

  • Always keep children in your direct line of sight – always.

  • Ponding basins, even those that function as parks in the dry season, are NEVER FOR SWIMMING.

  • Fishing or boating in ponding basins is never allowed.

Facts and statistics were taken from The American Academy of Pediatrics Policy statement on ‘Drowning in Infants, Children and Adolescents,’ The Center for Disease Control Statistics on Unintentional Drownings and the National “Safe Kids” Worldwide program.